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Sewer Network Alternatives

By Mortons Urban Solutions • April 17th, 2014

Through their involvement in the design and construction of residential development in SEQ, Mortons Urban Solutions have investigated sewer network alternatives for their clients. Whilst the traditional gravity system still appears to be the preferred solution, the flow control and potential cost savings in the end-of-line treatment infrastructure offered by pressurised sewerage systems means it is becoming a serious consideration.

The biggest concern with the traditional gravity system is the potential for storm and ground water infiltration. There have been several improvements over the years to minimise infiltration (Reduced Infiltration Gravity Systems (RIGS) and polyethylene pipework for example), although large peaking factors are still required by local councils when sizing pipework and treatment plants.

A pressure sewer system (PSS) is a network of pressure pipes and grinder pumps usually installed at each home, that eliminate infiltration into the network. This greatly reduces the costs associated with pipework, pump stations and treatment plants. A PSS allows the developer to sewer any terrain and, depending on funding arrangements, lower the upfront costs.

Mortons Urban Solutions are now working with the industry to provide the next step, the introduction of private water service providers that, through innovative network designs and pricing/rating structures, can provide developers with a sustainable total water cycle strategy, tailored to meet their project’s needs.

For more information regarding our investigations and the potential application on your project, please contact us.