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By Mortons Urban Solutions • March 25th, 2015

Gold Coast City and Logan City Councils are close to implementing new planning schemes that will supersede their current schemes.  Both Local Authorities have publicly advertised the documents and are awaiting a final sign off from the State Government prior to commencing their new schemes. 

The Draft Gold Coast City Plan 2015 is available for viewing at and includes updated mapping and development codes.  According to GCCC’s City Plan timeline the commencement target for the draft City Plan 2015 (draft plan) has been extended from January 2015 to 31 May 2015; the new target date was extended to allow sufficient time for Council to review the 2.400 submissions that were received during the public consultation period.

The Draft Logan Planning Scheme 2014 is currently available for review at .  The draft planning scheme aims to reduce ‘red tape’, replacing Logan’s three existing planning schemes (Logan City, part of Beaudesert Shire and part of Gold Coast City) with a single planning scheme.  The Draft Scheme was anticipated for commencement in ‘early 2015’, Logan are waiting for the State Government to return the planning scheme to Council (possibly with recommendations for further revisions).  Once the scheme is approved and finalised, Council can then set a final date for implementation.

Upon commencement of the new Planning Schemes, the Sustainable Planning Act (2009) provides a 12 month period under which a proposal may seek assessment against the superseded scheme (at the discretion of Council).  Currently, this provides an opportunity for developers and landowners to consider both the current and draft planning schemes in order to realise their site potential.

Mortons – Urban Solutions have a very good understanding of the existing and draft schemes and would be happy to review your site or proposal and advise you of the benefits of lodging an application against either scheme.