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Philosophy & Innovations

Over 30 years of operation, Mortons – Urban Solutions has developed a core philosophy of client-focused innovation.

Every member of the Mortons team subscribes to, and delivers on, this philosophy.



From inception through to design and delivery, Mortons – Urban Solutions have an appreciation for all facets of a project. They take a holistic approach to the delivery of their services, and this allows them to maximise the commercial and financial viability of each development they are involved with.


It is a core company strength to question processes and boundaries throughout the lifecycle and delivery of a project. This allows for the determination of whether an established process is the correct one to adopt for any given project.  “We have done it this way before” is not sufficient reason for Mortons to continue with a practice.


Mortons take a proactive role in being involved at all stages of a project so as to influence sound development outcomes and streamline processes moving forward.


A flat internal structure allows Mortons to offer a highly personalised service. Clients have direct access to Directors and/or Senior Engineers on all projects.


Mortons appreciate the human scale required for good urban outcomes. They take a collaborative approach in welcoming the introduction of specialist consultant input such as town planning, landscape, environmental, architectural and urban design elements into the civil design and overall development delivery.


It is a company ethic to remain positive in negotiating outcomes for their clients with councils and authorities. In doing this they are mindful of the commerciality of the project to their client and adopt a cost/benefit approach to reflect this commercial reality. Common sense is their guide.


Mortons position of integrity, transparency and trust is supported by a backbone of strong work ethic and continued innovation. This dedicated and professional approach has been evident in the company’s expansion and consistent growth since the business was established some 30+ years ago.


Each Mortons – Urban Solutions project team possesses intimate knowledge of the market, along with the necessary skills to identify potential innovations that will impact the feasibility of a project in a financially positive fashion.

Mortons is also structured unlike other larger consultancies; their Directors, Senior Project Engineers and Town Planners are very hands-on.

With these senior members of the company bringing the full depth of their experience, knowledge and desire for constant improvement to the day-to-day running of each project, no opportunity for innovation or streamlining is missed.

It is in this regard that Mortons is most dynamic in their approach.

Some examples of the innovations Mortons has implemented on projects:

  • The adoption and design of a constant pressure variable speed high lift pump station at Gaven Heights that has now become accepted practice.
  • They were at the forefront of adopting a Reduced Infiltration Gravity Sewer (RIGS) at Jacobs Ridge, Ormeau. This system is now widely used and recent testing at Riverstone Crossing has shown a reduction of infiltration into the sewer which reduced the peak wet weather factor from 5 to 2.8 or 44%.
  • Jacobs Ridge also included non-standard services alignments by placing the sewer under the road pavement to further reduce the likelihood of infiltration by moving it away from the shallow swales introduced into the footpath of this project.
  • In the large green-field site of Flinders, Mortons – Urban Solutions obtained authority approval for an on-site effluent treatment plant to allow the development to proceed ahead of the provision of a major sewerage treatment plant by Council.
    On the same project, Mortons is currently investigating the use of pressure sewer to reduce costs, infiltration and allow constant monitoring of effluent flows which provides for the early detection of leaks and a large reduction of infiltration.
  • Mortons embraces the treatment of stormwater to contribute to the sustainability of their projects and the company has been at the forefront of developing innovation in the area; from the early use of shallow swales to the more recent Rain Vault with Humes.
    The Humes Rain Vault at Riverstone contains the first flush megalitre of run-off from the development and stores it (under the playing fields) for reuse in the irrigation of common open space areas and playing fields.
  • Mortons has also designed access points and drainage paths within allotments to control overland flow around houses reducing the need for inter-allotment drainage within blocks.
  • A challenging access at The Observatory was overcome by the construction of a cast in-situ concrete arched culvert to retain the attractive natural stream bed and adjacent banks as part of the entry statement. Landscape treatment for the road and footpaths over this allowed for a very attractive entry to the estate.


Mortons – Urban Solutions utilises the industry standard “12d Model” for all civil design and hydraulic modelling. The program has streamlined earthwork/volume calculations and industry leading design capabilities for roads, dynamic drainage, sewer and utilities. The use of 12d enables designs to be presented using 2D and 3D graphics and animations; efficiently integrating with the latest AutoCad and multimedia software.

This functionality allows rapid optimisation of designs from both engineering and commercial perspectives.

In addition to this, one of Mortons – Urban Solutions’ Senior Civil Designers won a high commendation at the 12d International Innovation Awards 2012 for the use of innovative hydraulic techniques on the “Ormeau Ridge” residential development. Our Senior Civil Designer was also enlisted as a “beta tester” (testing and advising product enhancements prior to distribution) for the 12d model package due to his extensive knowledge of the software and its application in civil design.